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Within our initial call and remote session, we will diagnose your problem, give you an accurate assessment of your situation and come up with an action plan for getting things fixed.

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  • By clicking the link below, you will be routed to our payment page
  • Making your payment of $49, will get you lined up in our queue and guarantees diagnosis of your issue.
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  • while this step is optional, we highly recommend filling out our incident form after you make your payment.
  • Knowing more about your problem, prior to our callback will help us fix your problem even faster.
  • Using the incident form, you will also be able to specify alternate means of contact, like WhatsApp or Zoom. You will also be able to specify when we shall best contact you, if ASAP is not ideal or if you need to be onsite somewhere first.

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  • we will get your request handled ASAP. If you filled in our incident report form in step 2 already and have any special requests, these will be taken into account.
  • please make sure you have phone and internet service, so you can be reached and we are able to do a remote session if needed.
  • in case you have further questions, or want to provide any additional comments or requests, feel free to use below button to do so.

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